FX Impact M3 Air Rifle Hunting || Rabbits, Pigeons, Indian Myna's + Bonus Feral Cat

I'm out on this shoot running my FX Impact M3 in .22 calibre for some BULK pest control shooting. This is a professional pest control cull for a local rabbit and pest bird problem. There is plenty of air rifle hunting and shooting action in this video for you all to watch during the afternoon on the birds (Pigeons, Indian Myna's and Crows). And then after dark on critters with a heap of Rabbits and Rats in the mix.

Running a modern PCP air rifle with thermal and night vision equipment is a very effective and discreet method in the right hands.

My FX Impact M3 is shooting on song in .22 calibre firing 23gr Zan slugs. Scope is a PARD DS3570 RF with an onboard LRF with ballistic hold over capability and I'm using a UK made Sirius Reach external laser IR torch. Thermal hand scanner duties went to the amazing Pulsar Merger LRF XL50 binoculars. For those interested my FX Impact M3 is running a Huma-Air high flow slug & pellet probe but no other power upgrades. It has a standard 600mm barrel with superior liner (not heavy). I'm firing the 23gr slugs at about 955 fps for sub MOA accuracy (Which as 44 ft/lbs for the UK guys that feel the requirement to know this). Few Sabre Tactical upgrades in the mix to the rifle body like the Arca Rail 2, TRS & bag rider. Air supply is by a ShootAir light weight composite tank to refill the rifle bottle as required.

A good portion of these rabbits shot are utilised for the pot or pet food.

I am a licensed vertebrate pest control - contract shooters in NSW. For those wondering about the suppressor, I hold the necessary permit in NSW for use. If seeking information regarding that, please check the FAR webpage for details. All shooting is performed on privately owned farms, with exclusive permission granted in writing for paid services.

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If you are seeking a PARD DS35 or any other thermal or NV equipment in Australia check out my affiliate link to Hunt the Night website https://huntthenight.com.au/?HTN=EdgeoftheOutback


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