Episode 10 - A Dream of a Dream | FX's Shōgun: The Official Podcast

A choice that will make history. Host Emily Yoshida and guests break down episode 10 of FX's Shōgun. Featuring showrunner Justin Marks, actor Cosmo Jarvis "Blackthorne," historian Frederik Cryns, executive producer Michaela Clavell, and actor and producer Hiroyuki Sanada "Toranaga." In this last installment of the companion podcast, creators, cast and crew will round out the entire series while discussing the fates of all its characters.

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Join host and staff writer Emily Yoshida as she sits down with the creators, cast, and crew that brought Sengoku Period Japan to life. In this exclusive companion podcast, each episode will break down the twists and turns of the plot, the top-of-the-line craft behind the scenes, and the real-life history that informed it all.

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Episode 10 - A Dream of a Dream | FX's Shōgun: The Official Podcast


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