In this video the FX Panthera airgun hunting rig will be showcased and discussed. This air rifle is perfect for Precision match shooting and i am going to show you how to use it and how to do airgun hunting with it as well.
If you're looking to start airgun hunting, then this is video series will get you to shoot and hunt like a pro soon!
Since the release of the Fx Panthera my eyes was on this airgun to use it for my own Precision shooting career. Fx has now a dedicated airgun just for Precision airgun shooting. As airgun hunting sport shooter i also want to use this airgun in the hunting fields and put it through its paces to see if this rifle can get the job done. I had great success with my Fx Impact range of airguns in the past sofar and will put the Panthera against the king of the airguns still in upcoming videos.

In this video i take the Panthera out for the first time on a Pigeon airgun hunting experience and i want to feel how the rifle work outside in the field. I am challenged with some tricky winds to shoot in and to get myself use to this new airgun. My airgun hunting slugs i use in this video is from HN Sport and i am using the super accurate 34Grain Hn Heavies in this airgun hunting setup. I am also using the new Element Theos scope for the first time. This top tear optic is build like a tank and on my next episode i am going to put it to the ultimate test.

If like everything that can shoot and love hunting as much as what i do then this channel is for you.
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