LIVE: US Stock Market Open, Is This A Crash, Pullback or Correction? NVDA, SMCI, BITCOIN

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In this episode, we dive deep into the recent warnings from Goldman Sachs that have sent shockwaves through the market. From hot Producer Price Index (PPI) data to disappointing retail sales figures, we break down the key economic indicators driving market sentiment. Plus, we explore the looming specter of stagflation and its potential impact on investors. And of course, we can't forget to discuss the latest movers and shakers in the market, including NASDAQ, Tesla (TSLA), NVIDIA (NVDA), Gold, US Oil, and Bitcoin. Tune in now to stay ahead of the curve on all things stock market! 📈💼 #StockMarketNews #GoldmanSachs #EconomicIndicators #MarketAnalysis

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