OG Gold FX Blade 🔥 Babyliss Lithium FX Clipper and Trimmer Unboxing and Review

I just picked up the brand new Lithium FX Clipper and Trimmer from Babyliss Pro. We're going to be opening them up and testing them out in todays video. The clipper has some new improvements, and the trimmer comes with the original gold fx blade!!! If you want to pick one up for yourself head to Babylisspro.com and use code SEANCUTSHAIR to save 10% on your entire order!!!

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✂️ Tools used
Gamma+ Boosted, Custom FX Clipper with Tomb45 Performance Upgrade, Babyliss Custom FX Trimmer, Stylecraft Saber Trimmer, Babyliss Custom FX Shaver, TPOB Slime2 Single Foil Shaver, Andis Slimline Pro. FreshShears shears, thinning shears, and feather razor. Klutch enhancement card, Tomb45 Beam Team XL, No drip color enhancement and hair fibers, triple cartridge razor handle, Indestructible clay, Spray texture powder. Charging with the Tomb45 Power Mat and Powerclips.

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